dimanche 14 août 2011

Things of Normandy....

By Khairi Janbek.

- For decades, and since the times we used to live in Amman and come over here for holidays, I always wanted to visit on route to Normandy, the Chateau du Robert le Diable near Moulineaux; from the age of the Norman Dukes. I also wanted to visit the Champ de battaile; the 10th century battle field which established Normandy's independence. I never managed to do it, not even this time. I guess it will remain one of those things like, wanting to show dear ones some places and you never come around to do it, or wanting to take a loved one to a place which means something for you, but it never happens.

- For the last few years, gazing out of our flat's balcony on the 4th floor, at the opposite building, I have developed a distant relationship with an old man and his wife; the relationship was so distant that we never actually exchanged greetings. me and the old man were usually up by 9 am. While I have my coffee at the balcony, I used to see him sitting on his deck chair reading a paper. What fascinated me is that, even when he wanted to do the most mundane and simple thing in his house, he used to wear a blue overhaul even if the task required a few minutes. he kept being shouted at usually by his; I suppose middle aged daughter because supposedly he never wanted to move out of his deck chair on the balcony...reminds me of my realtionship to my couche.... Well, this year I didn't see him.

- It is said that mother nature hates vaccum, but then again the French seem to hate it also. I am fairly convinced now that my country fold have a different realtionship to space than me. Always as a rule even when the whole beach is empty, you end up with people coming right up your nose to settle with their stuff. I guess they assume if you are sitting in a particular spot it must be a prime location, when in effect you could be just sitting there as a random choice.

- Each time I passed a camping site, I wonder how it would be to live ina holiday caravan. I mean in our crammed Yildiz palace, 2 rooms Normandy place, and we are 3 people, sometimes it feels like a crowd. How does a holiday look like, with kids, and doing everything in the caravan without getting suicidal???.

- Well, the real fish market is actually in Dive and not in Trouville. I always wondered why other half got up at 7 am to go to Dive..I did it this time, I found that it is mainly the catch of the day on sale, with reasonable prices to match. In Trouville you have fish coming from all over France really, and very little fished in the area. One is not a great seafood fan, but I like occasionally a haddock or a cod.

- Actually most people on the beach over here do not swim. They just soak the UV rays having a nap on the beach. I guess, for pareants its easier to have the toddlers right up in front of them rather than having to chase them up in the water..

- The woman whom sold me the shoes on the market, told me that the month of September is the high suicide season in Normandy. I asked why, but she said she didn't know. She said that September is particularly a depressing season for the residents of Normandy. As I left, I thought she is an itinerant trader, and wished her luck somewhere else, but she said that she lives in the area, so I tild here to be careful then, and she just gave me a strange smile...

- Of course no trip to Normandy is complete without paying homage to the towns of the D-Day landings for the liberation of France. Courselies [ Sword beach; British troops], Arromaches [ Juno beach; Canadian troops], Porte en-Bessin [Gold beach; British troops], pointe du Hoc [ Omaha beach; U.S troops], and Crisbeck [Utah beach; U.S troops].

- The Gun Emplacements of Mont Canisy in benerville; part of Hitler's defense of the Atlantic from Cherebourg to Le Havre, is a fete of military engineering genius. 15 meters underground, 250 meters of tunnels, 25 chambers for multiple use, and 6 stairwells to go down.

- You never count of the French sense of service; well, it doesn't exist. In Normandy it is much worse. What can be generally defined as rudeness, in Normandy is a matter of fact. The locals keep complaining about the tourists and the foreigners, despite the fact that if it wasn't for all those starngers, people of the region would be living on collected cockles from the beach, and when lucky, have a fish or two.

- All around you on the beach, water-skiing, surfing, para-skiing, ski jets, and God knows what else other machinery of entertainment. I kept wondering what did actually happen to the just swimming, or building things in the sand??. Simple pleasures associated with the beach normally. I suppose traders are capitalising on the fact that people have lost increasingly their attention span, and cannot bare the fact that there can be solitude.

- Being in Normandy gives you the sense of being frozen in time. Perhaps it is the endless stretch of beaches in low tide and the sunset on the horizon. Perhaps also, the limited contact with people consolidates this feeling. I don't know for me it is just like turning around in the middle of a crowded place without actually bumping into people.

- I find that the sea has its particular calling. If you gaze long enough over the horizon; at one point you'll get the urge to just go into it. I guess for anyone with suicidal tendencies, this long gazing can be dangerous.

mardi 5 juillet 2011







mercredi 22 juin 2011



Jordanian official has left on the first leg of his trip abroad. Upon arrival to a secret location in the viccinity of Washington, he was met by Eagle 1(president Obama..not to be mentioned), Pigeon 1 ( Mrs. Obama not to mementioned) and little birds 1 and 2 (Obama girls ; not to be mentioned). Also at the airport there were many equivelant ranks to our "Pashas", as well as excellencies.

On the way to Falcon Crest (White House not to be mentioned), many civilians were lining up the streets which were carefully covered and under control; cheering and waving Jordanians Flags. When the meeting started between the "two principles", Jordanian official praised the administration of Eagle 1 in its efforts of privitisation, eradication of corruption, and respect for human rights, and offered Jordanian guidance in this respect. In turn, Eagle 1, declared the stability of the USA is from the stability of Jordan, and in a nice gesture, threw at the feet of Jordanian official all the land and property deeds [Gawasheen]; as a signal of total support to the Jordaniab economy, and instructed someone in a grey suit attending the meeting, and whom seems to know alot about economics, to tie a pipe beteween the Jordan and America treasuries. Jordanian official thanked him gracefully.

On the second leg of the trip abroad; Jordanian official arrived at location two in Europe, where he was recieved by He-man (president Sarkozy; must not be mentioned), and She-woman (Mrs. Sarkozy; mustn't be mentioned) and were all on their knees with the an entourage of the equivelant of our " Pashas" and Excellencies, awaiting to be blessed by a handshake from Jordanian official.

On the various routes, which were continuelly changed as dictated by us; the valiant lot, many French people of all roots and origins and religions, lined up the avenues shouting (In soul and blood we sacrifice for you Jordanian official) in french of course, all the way to the location where there are many expensive shops.

Upon the start of the official talks, Jordanian official expressed satisfaction with the way He-man is running his country, and praised him for learnign from the Jordanian experience, and promised him that the UNESCO; where the fate of Jerusalem is discussed, will be always supported with a Jordanian delegate from the Ministry of Education, selected as a third rate employee and in accordance with the best traditions of the country; without knowledge of any language, and expertise in women and variety of drinks, as well offered a present of earning the well earned money of thousands of dollars, which the Jordanian tax payer is very happy to pay a genius like that. He-man thanked Jordanian official for the continued appointment of such great quality cultural representative, and promised to continue working with Jordan on the basis of true love and affection.

While at lunch, in an undisclosed lcoation but where the expensive shops are (French share3 el wakalaat), Jordanian official made a call to a European woman who is a leader of a major country in the EU, and apologised that this time he will not be able to grace her with a visit to her country. European woman leader, thanked Jordanian official and asked for a delegation from the Jordanian anti-corruption to come and guide the affairs of her country where they produce BMWs and Mercedes in bulk, and promised to uphold Jordan's position for a solution to the palestinian problem based on two states. After a successful trip, covered with garlands and flowers, Jordanian official returned home (last minute notice for those coming to the airport).

On the local scene, Jordanian offcial took a surprise trip to the area where it was; the frontlines with Israel. The inhabitant civilians in the zone, complained that government corruption has deprived them from the good quality chlorine which they use in their own private swimming pools, and demanded and inquest. Of course, the minister acknowledged to Jordanian official, that every single inhabitant in that area, has the right to swim in his own clean swimming pool, and sunbathe at his/her own liesure. Good quality chlorine is promised to be sent to those lovely swimming pools.

Also, on another trip to some undisclosed locations in the country, Jordanians have been caught red-handed being in poverty. Still the accompanying delegation assured Jordanian offcial that; if these people are hungry and poor, then it is their own fault, as they must be working for some foreign agenda to make Jordan look bad in front of foreigners.

Finally, in an undisclosed location, Jordanian offical opened a touristic site somewhere in the country. The ribbon which was supposed to be cut, was crimson red and the pride of Jordanian textile industry, while the pair of scissors were assmebled in Jordan under Chinese license, as part of a partnership agreement which all its clauses, were absolutely fabourable to Jordan. The news ends, with the song " Bikkttub issmek ya bladi..."

lundi 20 juin 2011


BY Khairi Janbek.

Well my FB tribe, since kids are always supposed to be kids; but not in the Arab world probably, some local kids in Der3a, wrote some anti-state slogans on the walls. The almighty guradians and protectors of the Syrian people; the Mukhabart arrested those kids and in the old trusted tradition of their trade, put those kids to torture and threw them in prison cells.

Naturally, the fathers of the kids went to the Mukhabarat, and asked for the release of their kids. They even offered to repalace themselves for their kids. But of course the valiant guardians of the Syrian people, told them to forget about the existence of their kids, and to go back to their wives and produce other kids. But if they don't want to, they can bring their wives to the Mukhabarat, which will in turn provide the valinat service of giving their wives kids.

Arab leaders always want to bring in wolves to protect the sheep. Bashar Assad is no exception. But they always forget what I have warned about a while ago that " Sheep are carnivors; though they are herbivor everywhere".

jeudi 16 juin 2011



By training the voter in moderation, in philosophical acceptance of the limitations of government, and yet giving him/her a real feeling that their consent is needed and valuable, the political party in the state, performs a most educational function. Because the coercive power of the political party; in the democraric state is small, the party leaders have to learn the difficult art of persuasion instead of falling of falling back on the too easy remedy of coercion.

However, the good party person, can only exist ina society in which the habit and duty of saying " NO" have been encouraged by all kinds of institutions, not merely by political ones.

The good party person, fulfills another important function. He/she ensures that, the politcian will watch with anxious care, those movements of opinion that can so easily turn into tidal waves of disapproval for hithrto invincible political leaders. it is not that the member of parliament is likely to revolt against party leaders, in as much as, he/she can tell their party leaders that a course of action; if persisted in, will alienate the independent voter, and may even drive of a few of the faithful. The politician thus talking to his'her chiefs, has an interest in frankness that is rare in autocratic (where the leader runs the state) or in securitocratic (where the security runs the state), where it is so much safer to tell the "boss' only what he wants to hear; since the only person whom you need to please, and whose anger is important; is the dictator.

Even the most popular and powerful democratic leader has a real motive to listening to the well-grounded fears of his lieutanents, as they stand all or fall together if the people turn against them. So, healthy democratic society, never gets into that condition common to dictatorships, in which until the very last moment of catastrophe, there is a conspiracy of optimistic silence, of which dictator and people alike are victims.

Spies snooping on a frightened people to report to illusion-fed chiefs, are a poor substitute for the brutal political truths told by second rank politcians, both afraid of their sovereign master. There is a constant dosing of unpalitable truth, that keeps the body politic healthy.

mardi 7 juin 2011



Usually the average person in the streets all over the world, may well be a victim of his/her ignorance, and victims of their own passion for rhetoric. This is a defect in education which is not their fault, nevertheless its a defect.

There are moments which you great leader are tempted; taking advantage of this ignorance, to impose silence and enforce orthodoxy. Its up to you to resist this tempatation, which indeed should be resisted not only for the reason given; perhaps optimistically by Milton, that truth will always win over error in free and open encounter, but also because suppression is bad for the suppressor himself.

Well, I hope you can appreciate for a second, the fact that it is extremely hard to argue with a Roman master of 40 legions, no matter how sincerely a Hadrian or a Marcus Aurelius wanted to be discussed with freely and sincerely. At the same time, it was easy to expel Jurieu and Bayle from France, to repeal the Edict of Nantes, and then to discover far too late, that the Church of Bassuet and Fenelon, had left no heirs to answer Voltaire.

Therefore, you must not only suffer, those whom you call fools, gladly, but you must continue to suffer them even when they conspicuously stay fools. The imposition of a uniform orthodoxy and suppression, whatever immediately gratifying results may produce, they give no guarantee that, monopoly thus secured to one opinion, will be secured to wisdom.

Philosophy of Love.

By Khairi Janbek.

To love is a beautiful and mysterious event ; do not miss it. Be neither too cautious nor too reluctant. Too many of us reason with our hearts, and experience with our heads. It cannot be so. The heart knows no logic beyond need and desire, and the head has no senses except the common and pragmatic.

Neither is useful in love anyway. rely on your sixth sense; that little voice within. There is no preparation for, or protection from the joy and pain of love. They are inseparable twins. One follows the other. So, make no mistake, love is to be courageous and it is to take risks.

lundi 23 mai 2011

Khairi Janbek Praises Corruption.

By Khairi Janbek.

Some countries are built on credit, while others are built on corruption. Why not?, I mean why keep looking whether the glass is half full or half empty when the term "corruption" is mentioned?.

It certainly has many virtues as a system. Well, all what the state needs to do, is to actually claim for itself the means of corruption, its distribution and exchange. This will immediately attract the most politically astute and economically capable salivating class in the country, to chase up the prospects of sharing in this corruption.

In this sense, the state the state becomes the "corruptor" and the astute salivating class" the corrupted". However, for this corrupted class to sustain its own corruption, it needs to maximise the gains of its own corruption, which needs the expansion of the base of those involved in corruption. By promising more influence and largess to the expanded base of corrupted citizenry, and with competition among themselves to attract the majority of newly corrupted citizens, this class; which has started of as being corrupted, would transform itself into a "corruptor" class.

As a consequence, the state can afford at this point to withdraw from active participation in the system of corruption, and sets itself up as the regulator of corruption, trying to check any attempts at emerging circles that claim monopoly on corruption. But the state being a priori corrupt anyway, will face what is known as a Munchhausen triple Dilema, or for the more general in thinking Agrippa's Dilema. In order to solve that, it will open itself to the best offeres of the competing corruptor class, to benefit from their largess, and bestow upon them the political blessings, which are frequently required by the corruptors in order to attract more corrupt citizens; by virtue of state bestowe blessings; ie. prestige.

But what about the donor countries and creditor institutions?. Nothing much will really change for them; except for the better. For a start, they will start knowing without beating around the bush, where their money is going, and who are the most effective circles in the country to approach in order to use/ abuse or make business partnerships with. Of course that will also provoke plenty of competition among the indigenous corruptor class, as to whom is the most suitable for foreign business interests, and whom has the more popular backing form the citizenery. There are clearly more benefits here from this competition, in favour of both corrupted and corruptors, not to mention the benefits to foreign interests. A win-win scenario for everyone.

I suppose the continued demand by the foreign powers and instituions for public participation in corrupt countries, can be seen clearly to fit the demands of the western powers and international institutions; albeit in terms corruption, and stability will bemaintained as everyone in the country would be scarmblling for their share of corruption.

jeudi 12 mai 2011

The GCC; Jordan and Morocco : Solving the Palestinian Problem and Balancing Iran.


One is rather surprised that, no one actually sees the huge importance and consequences of the potential expansion of the GCC. I think if it works out, it will be tantamount to a massive tectonic shift in the future politics of the Middle East.

One is not going to sing praises of the obvious; that being mainly the advantages of the freedom of movement of people, goods, and capital; in addition to the essential gas and oil, but one wishes to talk about the impact on the strategic concerns vis a vis Iran, as well as the solution to the Palestinian problem; albeit both aspects tend to be by and large inter-related.

Now, you may or may not believe in the existence of a Shi'ite cresecent engulfing the Gulf Arab states. Still, if you look at the map of the region you'll see on one side of those states to the east; there is Iran, and to the west, Shi'ite ruled Iraq which connected to the close ally of Iran; Syria, then Hiuzbullah in lebanon and ambivelant Hamas in Gaza. These are geopgraphical facts rather than sectarian squabble on my part, for I have never been sectarian nor will ever be. If both Morocco and Jordan join the GCC, the latter will not only be able to break out of this pro-Iranian envelope, but also extend its strategic depth all the way to the shores of the Atlantic and to teh south ; bordering Israel.

This means, that Jordan will no longer be considered as the buffer zone between Israel and oil, but actually that, Israel becoming an active stake-holder in the security of the oil Arab states. On the demographic balance, Saudia has the population of around 29 million, Morocco of around 32million, and Yemen; which will be incidentally absorbed into the GCC in 2016, has the population of 23 million. The overwhelming majorities here are Sunni Muslims. They will proivide an adequate population balance balance to Iran's 70-75 overwhelmingly Shi'ite population. This will have a poitive confidence balance for the Arab Sunni population in the region. Again, one is not sectarian, but I didn't say the region is not looking at the situation from a sectarian perspective.

When it comes to the Palestinian issue, what is the thorniest factor in the peace process between palestine and Israel?. Well, it is the right of return of the Palestinian refugees. So, if Jordan becomes a member country of the GCC, it will be factually and geographically part of a geopolitical entity much larger than itself, with various diverse populations in this large zone among them Jordanian from palestinian origins. Moreover, the only logical move would be then for Palestine; which is going for its bid at the UN in September, to apply for membership to the GCC through an association with Jordan or without; because it wouldn't make much difference then in reality. What will happen to the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon or Syria?. They will the first citizens ever carrying the nationality and passport of the first ever tran-national state in history; I think, with the choice of staying in the countries hosting them and having economic and social rights, but without politcial rights, or to move into any GCC country which will provide them with full rights.

As for israel, it will have less and less reasons to reject the creation of a Palestinian state then; consequently with real peace prospects then, Israel will have a large share in the security fo the GCC, as well as a large market for it products.

vendredi 15 avril 2011


By: Khairi Janbek.

In the ancient world, happiness was a gift of the gods that could be withdrawn any moment. No one imagined it to be the state of mind that could be deliberately pursued and permenantly achieved. When philosophers advocated the pursuit of happiness, they had in mind something quite different from the life of continuous satisfaction that most people seem to want today.

For Aristotle, happiness meant a life spent successfully pursuing things that were valuable in themselves, while for the Epicureans, it signified freedom from inner disturbance- tranquility that could only be achieved by minimising one's desires. The Stoics had a similar view, prizing peace of mind over the satisfaction of any human impulse. Freud, who revived a type of Stoicism in the early decades of the 20th century, confessed that psychoanalysis could do no more than reconcile the patients to the frustration every human being must suffer. As he wrote to a patient " Much will be gained if we succeed in turning your hysterical misery into common unhappiness. Having restored your inner life, you'll be better able to arm yourself against that umhappiness".

In all these philosophies, it was taken for granted that, happiness would never be the normal human condition- an attitude that is nowadays condemned as impossibly austere, as well as insufferably patronising. In a sense no one nowadays can question the claim that people are unjustified in seeking a happy life. However and unfortunately, life becomes anxious and miserable, when it is ruled by an obsessive preoccupation with feeling happy.


By : Khairi Janbek.

Always and forever twinkle my little star
I wish my love for you is not from so far
Keep the door to your heaven for me ajar
It can neither stop my love nor ever bar
With the great romantics you should put me on par.
Your love tastes of honey your distance tastes of tar.
Come hail, wind or fire, your image will never mar.

samedi 9 avril 2011


By Khairi Janbek

In order to reinforce the concept of the unity of the two banks, which was reaffirmed at the Cairo Arab Summit in 1970, and in order to placate the rising Palestinian sentiments, late King Hussein unveiled on March 15th 1972, his United Arab Kingdom Plan (UAK). In an address to the nation on that day, the late King elaborated on the proposed plan, as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan would, after the withdrawal of Israel from the west bank, become the United Arab Kingdom comprising two regions : The first; region of Palestine ie. the west bank and any future territories to be liberated and whose inhabitants opt to join in, with Jerusalem as its capital. The second; region of Jordan, is east bank and its capital Amman.

Furthermore, Amman would be the administrative capital of both regions. The King would be the head of state. There would be a local parliament and local government for each region, as well as a federal government and a parliament. There would be one federal supreme court and one army. The late King added; that this arrangement is his preference, though he intended to give the palestinians, after liberation, the opportunity to determine their own future, and promised to respect their choice.

Despite the fact that this plan was only a proposal, it drew violent reactions from the PLO as well as the Arab states who all in 1970 Arab league Summit reaffirmed the unity of the two banks. Late Mr. Arafat considered the plan a mere ressurection of Jordan's long standing policy of insisting that the west bank was an integral part of Jordan, and the Palestinians residents were Jordanian citizens. He considered that, a real threat to his own claim of representing the palestinian people.

late president Sadat wanted to identify his own regime with the palestininan cause, and announced before a cheering crowd at the PNC (Palestine National Council)meeting in cairo on April 10th 1972, the break of diplomatic relations with Jordan. Syria, in order tnot to be upstaged by Egypt, cut diplomatic relations with Jordan and closed its borders.

Significantly the Plan remained under consideration until the rabat Arab Summit of 1974, when the Arab countries decided that the sole representative of the Palestinian people is the PLO. The Rabat Summit forced Jordan to withdraw from direct involvement in the peace process at the time when the eyes of the whole world and the attention of the USA, were focused on the settlement of the Arab-israeli conflict.

The rabat decision confused the issue. Instead of concentrating on the basic problem of Israel's occupation of Arab lands, the questions of palestinian national rights and independent palestinian state were introduce. The nature of the problem changed overnight. Jordan had tried to seperate the issue of withdrawal from the issue of national rights of the palestinian people. Jordan stood for the ending of the Israeli occupation of all Arab lands; occupied after 1967 war, establish peace and then address the question of palestinian national rights within the context of inter-Arab relations.

But the Arabs states supported the claims of the PLO as the sole representative of the Palestinian people, and the PLO leadership were not prepared to accept Israel's withdrawal from the west bank in favor of Jordan, fearing that would prevent it from attaining its goal; the creation of an independent Palestinian state. The various Arab states supported the PLO for their own reasons, and were totally content to dump the palestinian problem on the shoulders of the PLO.

Late President Sadat and Secretary Kissinger, exploited the PLOs position and the ASrab support to it, and manipulated events in order to enable Egypt to sign a seperate peace with israel. The Rabat decision which neutralised Jordan's role, and paved the way for Egypt's seperate peace with israel, enabled tel Aviv to tighten its grip on the west bank and Golan. Developments since Rabat have shown that, Jordan's position for a comprehensive peace settlement with Israel, would have been the best chance for a lsting peace. A chance dashed in Rabat.

Crucial Episode in the Modern History of Jordan : Prelude to the 1970 Conflict.

By Khairi Janbek.

The effects of the dislocation of the Palestinian population, have ranged from problems of politcial participation and identity crisis, to the question of integration. However, the immediate prelude to the armed conflict between the Palestinian para-military groups and the Jordanian Armed Forces, could be detected initially from the escalation of the war of words between the Jordanian authorities and the Palestinian political representatives.

In retaliation to the Palestinian operations in the occupied territories, the Israeli Army took severe reprisals and systematically bombarded Jordanian territories with the local inhabitants; primatily the farmers of the Jordan valey baring the brunt of such acts of aggression. Late King Hussein stressed this point in his address to the country on February 16th 1968, saying " Anyone who wants to prove that he is more nationalist than we are, let him do what he wants to do in his own country and not in Jordan." On the 19th, Fateh responded by saying " Nothing can divert our attention from fighting the Israelis".

The first major incident of armed clash took place on October 14th 1968. Hassan el Atrash; a former Syrian politician and political refugee in Jordan, was kidnapped by Syrian sponsored "al Saiqa" group. Jordanian Army units clashed with " al saiqa" and PFLP [Popular Fron for the Liberation of palestine] elements, and the conflict was contained by the personal intervention of prime minister Mr. Bahjat al Talhouni. On the 2nd of November, demostrators attacked the US Embassy in Amman, after a speech by Mr. Suleiman al nabulsi protesting the 51st anniversary of the Balfour Declaration. Tahir Dablan of [Kat'aaeb el Nassr]was arrested for instigating the violence, and in retaliation elements belonging to his organisation attacked a police patrol and held three policement hostages. Army units clashed with various elements of the Palestinian organisations in al Wehdat, jabal al Hussien and Schneller Camp.

Until this moment, the Jordanian state didn't question the integrity of the palestinian guerillas, as late King Hussein affirmed in a radio broadcast that the disturbamces were the work of of agents and enemies of the Arab cause, whose aim is to undermine Jordan's steadfastness. On the 18th of November, and agreement was signed between late King Hussein and late Chairman Arafat, to regulate relations between the state and the Palestinian organisations. It was the first agreement of its kind, allowing the gurillas to maintain camps in the "Salt valley", "kerak" and "Jerash", providing that they moved out of Amman,

In 1969, armed clashes on the level of 1968 were absent due, the emerging crisis between the PLO and the Lebanese government, and the Battle of Karameh; a factor which had a subjective positive influence on both parties. On May 2nd 1969, the PFLP,freed forcibly, one of its members from jail leading to a small clash which was contained quickly. There were also various democtrations in front of the US Embassy protesting the delivery of Phantom Jets to Israel, and a Cinema in Amman was burnt for playing the filsm (Green Berets). On September 14th. a grenade was thrown at the house of the US Military Attache.

Gliding into the year 1970, Jordan became literally labelled as Hanoi of the Middle Eastby the Palestinian guerillas. Those guerillas once camped outside started drifting back into the capital Amman. Paralell structres to those of the state were in the making, and publications such as [al Sharara] of the PDFLP; the Democratic Front, and [Sawt el Jamahir] of al Saiqa openly directed their hostility to the regime and challenged its authority. Civilians and members of the Jordanian Armed Forces were subjected to a systematic humiliation at the hands of the guerillas (Hisham Sharabi; Palestinian Resistance: Crisis and Reassessment. The Middle East Newsletter January 1971, P.11), and leftist groups took to the streets sticking posters calling for the overthrow of the monarchy.

With these events in the background, the late King ordered on the 10th of February the government, to issue 12 regulations which aimed at restoring order to the country. They were reminescent of the 1955 laws enacted to counteract the anti-Baghdad Pact demostrations. They forbade public meetings, demonstrations, distribution of pamphlets and the unauthorised carrying and storing of arms. The reaction of the palestinian groups was to create a unified command [UCPR]. Heavy clashes started on february 11th and gun fire could be still heard in Amman throughout the 14th. The conflict was contained through the mediation of late Akef al Fayez (deputy), but the Palestinian Unified Command insisted on the cancelation of the regulations, the withdrawal of the Army units from the cities, and the right to arm the "Arab masses", as well as to be presented as the winners of this episode. It was left to late King Hussein, to present the case in a press conference; in terms of "no winners, no losers".

On the 22nd of february, a joint communique was issued, giving the right to the Palestinian groups to exercise their own discipline on their cadres, and not to appear in the cities in uniform or bearing arms. On the 15th of April, 10,000 demostrators attacked the US Embassy and burnt the Cultural Centre in response to the visit of the US Secretary of State Joseph Sisco. The visit was cancelled. On May 2nd. limited clashes in the Jordan valley errupted when Jordanian troops opened fire on Fateh guerillas attempting to cronn over to the occupied territories. 2 guerillas were killed, 8 civilians, and 1 soldier. On June 7th, Morris Draper Political Officer at the US Embassy was abducted by the PFLP but released.

On June 9th. the Royal motorcade came under fire while on its way to the Royal Palaces. Later Chieman Arafat expressed regrets. On June 10th Robert perry, Military Attache at the US Embassy was shot dead. Fateh claimed responsibility. On June 11th. "Assifa Radio/Fateh", called for the dismissal of Sharif nasser Bin Jamil, and Zeid Bin Shaker from the Aramy, and the deportation of Muhammad Rasoul keilani (Intelligence Departmen) and Wasfi el tal fro being opposed to the Palestinian Resistance Movement. On the same day, late King Hussein dismissed Sharif nasser and appointed himself as the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, and warned that he would put things in order, for the Army has become the intended target of the Palestinian groups and accused the Palestinian organisations of wanting to create a palestinian state linked to Israel.

On June 2th. an attempt by a joint force of Fateh and the PFLP to take over Radio Jordan failed. During this period, foreign nationals were being evacuted from Jordan, and two Jordanian daily newspapers were suspended for attacking the state, while the publications of the Palestinian groups were demanding the dissolution of the "Special branch" accusing it of being a security organ that rallied popular antipathy towards the palestinian organisations; under the control of the Intelligence Department, and demanded also the dismissal of salah Abu Zeid, and Wasfi el Tal, from the advisory position to the King. In a conciliatory move, the late King dissolved the Special Branch and arrested its commander Abdulrahhim Omar.

On August 8th. Late King Hussein appointed Zeid Bin Shaker as the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Jordanian Army, to which the late Mr. Arafat responded in a speech on the 14th. of August saying " We will turn this country (Jordan) into a graveyard for all plotters. This country (Jordan) will remain the Hanoi of the Palestinian revolution". August 26th. Unidentified armed palestinian elements attacked a paymaster of the Jordanian Army, and the pay of his unit was robbed. On the same day, the late King's motorcade came under fire while on its way to the airport, where the King was expected to recieve his daughter HRH Princess Alia. heavy fighting broke out as result in various Jordanian cities; including Amman.

September 6th. The PFLP hijacked a Swiss Air carrier, and TWA carrier, then on the 9th of September a BOAC carrier and landed them in the desert Dawson's Airport near Mafraq in Jordan. The Iraqi troops stationed in Jordan since the 1967 war, detained a Jordanian Army unit sent for reconnaissance under the pretext that the Iraqi Army units were conducting exercises. Early September 16th. Radio Amman announced the formation of a military government headed by Brigadier Mohammad daoud, and Hbis Majali was appointed as Chief of Staff of the Army replacing Mashour Haditha. An ultimatum was issued to the Palestinian gurillas to hand over their weapons on the 17th.of September, which was rejected, culminating in the September conflict.

mardi 5 avril 2011


By Khairi Janbek.

Look at the world and what can you claim
If idiotic a man, if treacherus a dame
Without choice into it crying you came
Looking for a hanger, the gamut of life to blame

A helpless creature awaiting to be tagged with a name
A portion of that tag tour only source of acclaim
With every misstep you are born totally lame
Whatever is left over life will either kill or maim.

Whether one reality or another, you will end up the same
Your life is frozen in time, and stuck inside a frame
The sould you want to free, its your soul you must tame
For the wise life is a dream, for a a fool only a game

In the path of love there's neither sin nor shame
Seek not the desolate glory nor the ephemeral fame
Maybe life serves a purpose and creation has an aim
Take it or leave it is the answer, but burn heaven with eternal flame.

dimanche 3 avril 2011

Counter-Machiavelli. Advice to Leaders.

1) A good narrative is a great source of soft power.
2) Accept crticism; it is a sign of emotional intelligence.
3) Get a vision; a vision can grow.
4) Keep your promises; nothing can do more damage than collapsed reputations.
5) Share hardship; failure to do so shows lack of committment.
6) Know your own limitations; acknowledge inadequacies.
7) Make loyalty the prime virtue and reward it; Loyalty is like gold, hard to find and easy to lose.
8) Make firm rules, and make them clear; apply them to high and low alike.
9) Get real; don't have illusions, and ignore information which shatters cherished assumptions.
10) In peace always prepare for war; best method is the exercise in cooperation.
11) Make the state's interest above yours; You are the symbol but the state has laws.
12) Allow for debate; especially at the highest echelons of power.
13) Hire only the best; though attitudes can seldom be taught, but skills can.
14) In victory always be magnanimous; surrendering to your will must have its benefits.
15) Pretend at least to philosophise; there are advantages in being seen as a thoughtful ruler committed to selfless service.
16) Cultivate humility; your ambition is for the institution and not for yourself.
17) Plan for eternity; after you is not the deluge.

samedi 2 avril 2011

Zero Consciousness.

Re-discovering the world of TV, I have managed to create my own collage of life, by switching from news to soap operas, sports, documentaries and films. Now I fully understand what the term; zapping means. What I have achieved through this seemingly cornucopia of choice, is actually watching nothing, and merely creating my own post-modern activity of zapping. Indeed it is a post-modern symptom of a man incapacitated by catatonic immobility, and chracterised by impatience with depth. The traditional richness of subtelty, nature, art, and conversation have all faded away before my eyes, leaving me with a recession of reality. In a sense, I have reached a phase of zapped-out zero consciousness.

samedi 12 mars 2011



Transcedence is an ascetic's debt
Of a soul in almost constant fret
The more you give the more you will get
Believe you me this the really the safest bet

Why keep your guard if your guard you can let
To the lap of earth or towards the Gods will look the pet
Where safety is none, but a clown's safety net
Whether you accept smilingly or out fear have cold sweat

No point in pretending the date with fate is always met
Dry up your eyes, there is always time for them to wet
You feel like going before your time, but time is not up yet
There is no say in the matter but you always seem to forget

I cannot differentiate between a promis and a threat
When at time of birth the time of demise is already set
Taking stick of your life will always make you upset
But the God sitting in heaven is not the God of regret

A string of your hair I wish to put in a locket
Its like capturing God's charm and put it in an amulet
I recount from my choldhood the letters of the alphabet
When everything tumbled down as if pierced with a bayonet

Sorrow after sorrow, will only sorrow beget
No one can cover the sun no matter with what blanket
Devotion is heart and soul, not merely a flower bouquet
Unless you bleive God's earth is only a cheap cabaret

Took a flight of pleasure and elation on your magic carpet
Hard to tell my story, when yours has only one facet
In my heart all is told, can't even put it in a pamphlet
A heart pierced without redemption, awaiting your mercy bullet

I am angry at God, but God burried the hatchet
My life in his great design, is not worth a bracket
If the secret of his creation is the binary duet
Wher can one look and strive for this ever called Kismet.

mardi 15 février 2011


By Khairi Janbek :

The Message from heaven to destroy the arcane
Nothing illogical merely opened the brain
From the history of heaven just completed the chain
Hence God's beloved Prophet with his Message came

Over a billion grew just from a single grain
With the letter of modesty being in the main
For an old culture with ignorance as the mundane
Where the glory of the creator was replaced by the profane

When are the followers to heed the Message again
From bloodshed and killing and hypocracy to abstain
Only a fool believes in his logic will God contain
Or in his bushy beard the love of the Prophet will detain

Don't seek faults in others, the Message told you to refrain
Conquer yourself first, if you can ever claim you are sane
Faith without absolute love, one from the other shall wane
Hasten to the path of glory, before worldly perplexity you attain

God in his wisdom wherever you look he'll reign
He opened his Prophet's heart, and from it removed the stain
The Message commenced with the word Read, if you want Godliness to retain
Love of God and his Prophet, will thus continue to run in your vein

For how long lesser mortal you'll continue to be vane
When eternal knowledge for you is really the only domain
The whole earth is a place of worship, follow the Message to gain
Aleggiance to your creator, is the only result that shall remain.

mardi 18 janvier 2011


The world is ashamed
Of those who have brought
The esence of flame
And of hatred they wrought

The world will collide
With the black void in time
I speak to the sky
Because my words will not shine

The world will not hear
This dead man's last call
And so I do fear
In silence I'll fall


Mistake not the hue
Of my feelings as black
I speak now to you
So you'll bring the light back.