mardi 15 février 2011


By Khairi Janbek :

The Message from heaven to destroy the arcane
Nothing illogical merely opened the brain
From the history of heaven just completed the chain
Hence God's beloved Prophet with his Message came

Over a billion grew just from a single grain
With the letter of modesty being in the main
For an old culture with ignorance as the mundane
Where the glory of the creator was replaced by the profane

When are the followers to heed the Message again
From bloodshed and killing and hypocracy to abstain
Only a fool believes in his logic will God contain
Or in his bushy beard the love of the Prophet will detain

Don't seek faults in others, the Message told you to refrain
Conquer yourself first, if you can ever claim you are sane
Faith without absolute love, one from the other shall wane
Hasten to the path of glory, before worldly perplexity you attain

God in his wisdom wherever you look he'll reign
He opened his Prophet's heart, and from it removed the stain
The Message commenced with the word Read, if you want Godliness to retain
Love of God and his Prophet, will thus continue to run in your vein

For how long lesser mortal you'll continue to be vane
When eternal knowledge for you is really the only domain
The whole earth is a place of worship, follow the Message to gain
Aleggiance to your creator, is the only result that shall remain.