lundi 29 novembre 2010

For you My Desdemona.

By: Khairi Janbek.

I seek neither a country nor a nation
Just to love in your constellation
Being far is my utmost deprivation
For one who is seeking unification.

is there in hell any salvation?
Or in heaven any demnation?
For me to know where is the demarcation?.
You'll always be my life and its negation.

Peoples' success is counted in numeration
My love for you is the real felicitation
Loosing means puts people in degradation
But not seeing you puts me terpidation.

samedi 27 novembre 2010


By : Khairi Janbek

I went to hell and came back
On the way I have lost my track
When Desdemoan appeared from a crack
Put my name with her's on a plaque

She picked me up from the whole pack
saving me altogether from Dante's hack
At a time Moravia's poetry painted in black
When Love at the Time of the Cholera sat on the rack

Seeking my solace in Uncle Tom's shack
In Desdemona's love I shall take all flack
My body and soul already in her sack
If she forgives those words fill of tack.

jeudi 25 novembre 2010


By: Khairi janbek

Woo to the heart and its plight
When it marvels at Desdemona's sight
To the seventh heaven it takes a flight
Where reason and heart never fight

You pull my heart like a shaking kite
Which fears a tumble from the rising height
Your close embrace that holds me tight
Brings the sunshine in the middle of the night

Lovers and drunkards mix dawn with twilight
Even when God's lights are shimmering bright
To have you is totake life and have a bite
For angels settle and demons feel the fright.

mercredi 24 novembre 2010


BY : Khairi Janbek.

I broke some wood to light a flame
When Khayyam sat drinking with his dame
Who can deny sa'adi's genius fame
Or Ferdossi's eternal language game.

Hallaj's unity with God was the declared aim
Where Rumi's Dervishes whirl in his name
Shamsi Tabriz taught them all just the same
The vicious wild beast within how to tame

Rabbi'a destroyed the idols of shame
Craving heaven and fearing hell as to blame
To be tormented with love is why I came
You are the love of my life, don't leave me lame.