samedi 12 mars 2011



Transcedence is an ascetic's debt
Of a soul in almost constant fret
The more you give the more you will get
Believe you me this the really the safest bet

Why keep your guard if your guard you can let
To the lap of earth or towards the Gods will look the pet
Where safety is none, but a clown's safety net
Whether you accept smilingly or out fear have cold sweat

No point in pretending the date with fate is always met
Dry up your eyes, there is always time for them to wet
You feel like going before your time, but time is not up yet
There is no say in the matter but you always seem to forget

I cannot differentiate between a promis and a threat
When at time of birth the time of demise is already set
Taking stick of your life will always make you upset
But the God sitting in heaven is not the God of regret

A string of your hair I wish to put in a locket
Its like capturing God's charm and put it in an amulet
I recount from my choldhood the letters of the alphabet
When everything tumbled down as if pierced with a bayonet

Sorrow after sorrow, will only sorrow beget
No one can cover the sun no matter with what blanket
Devotion is heart and soul, not merely a flower bouquet
Unless you bleive God's earth is only a cheap cabaret

Took a flight of pleasure and elation on your magic carpet
Hard to tell my story, when yours has only one facet
In my heart all is told, can't even put it in a pamphlet
A heart pierced without redemption, awaiting your mercy bullet

I am angry at God, but God burried the hatchet
My life in his great design, is not worth a bracket
If the secret of his creation is the binary duet
Wher can one look and strive for this ever called Kismet.