samedi 18 février 2012


By: Kahiri Janbek.

Any benefit, if at all to save a political system, must offer those whom feel that they have now too small a stake in the present order, to make its preservation a matter of urgency to themselves. Therefore, no state which is vague in principles and corrupt in practice, can hope to retain the allegiance, of those whom do not share in the benefits of its corruption.

Ecomomic problems and political radicalism often go hand in hand. When economic distress reaches a certain point, the individual citizen no longer uses his/her political power to serve the public good, but only to help himself/herself. The ideal of political liberty pales before the ideal of economic equality. Once the sentiment has eaten its way into the hearts of the majority of the nation, any political system is doomed to failure. It is useles then, to tell embittered people, that their political and economic leaders are not responsible for their misfortunes, and it is equally useless to point out to them that a revolt with its attendant disorders would not improve their situation, but would hopelessly compromise it. The world is not ruled by reason but by passion, and when a man is driven to despair, he is ready to smash everything in the vague hope that abetter world may arise out of the old. I fear that, the number of people whom feel confident that they can get on by their own abilities, is steadily declining.

I am talking about people whom have had conceptions of life, and conceptions of their personal roles in life, with which their present situation, stands in violent contrast. Often they are people whom have been pushed aside, or refused entry into life in general, under present day conditions.

They are people waiting for a message, a word, that will release them from the pinch of want, and will compensate for the unbearable limitations of their present mode of existence. The want to get hold of an ideal that would guide them forth from the swamps where they find themselves. They want to hear an assurance that they are entitled to a place in this new world. The side which can lift the people from their depression of spirit, even for a very short time, can win them, and the cause that it gives them will represent of the substance of liberation.