jeudi 30 décembre 2010


By: Khairi Janbek.

I recently walked down memory lane
Come hold my hand and ease the pain
Only your presence will keep me sane
A glimpse of your face I consider a gain.

For sorrow I know not a system how to train
It is a condition that defies always the brain
Self-flaggelation with or without a cane
One touche from you and all my tears will wane.

Longing is always a blot which leaves a stain
Erase it with your presence simple and plane
How can my humble heart be considered vain
For you are his sovereign, where you always reign

samedi 25 décembre 2010


By: Khairi Janbek

Without you my life hangs by a thread
In your presence I lay the roses bed
Your absence is the thorny crown on my head
The truth is you plucked me from among the dead

I await the light which on me you shed
It's living in the shadow which I always dread
Not my ego which needs always to be fed
My heart and soul need your love instead

Who knows where all this is going to head
Our story neither the wise nor fools have read
A heart like mine which so profusely has bled
Because towards you only the Gods dared to tread.

jeudi 23 décembre 2010


By : Khairi Janbek.

Let no Maji incense smell
Neither a church toll its bell
Nor a Mullah his trade peddle and sell
If what's in my heart I cannot tell

I neither crave heaven nor fear hell
I plucked you like pearl from a vast shell
Not a devil, neither a demon, nor an angel that fell
take me into your heart for all doubts to dispell

Your love is so deep, deeper than a mountain well
When graced by your look to the seventh heaven I propel
I am totally taken by you, and completely under your spell
Accept this humble lover, and cure the soul of an eternal rebel.

lundi 20 décembre 2010



Hanging on a thread between yes and nay
Searching for you is like a needle in the hay
When will I ever put my head to rest when I lay
If I keep searching for directions to find your way

In my heart and whole being you always stay
All I need now in my reality to have the same I pray
My union with you remains the most cherished day
Haven't I after all offered my whole existence on a tray?

My blood is not enough for you my life I pay
To which side the pendulum will swing for miserable and gay
Without you I am sinking with feet in clay
Your absence is the sharp sword which will slay.

dimanche 19 décembre 2010



I marvel at the point of your creation
When I know the path to you is my destination
Take me into your fold without procastination
In your loving heart is my eternal salvation

My steps towards you are never made in hesitation
When my aim in life is the unity of hearts' realization
Crossed the Rubicon, and the point of no return, seeking elation
Without you what's life, if not an an existence in desperation

What started of as my desire for pure temptation
Awaiting your appearance, your presence, in anticipation
When it dawned on me a bolt from the sky, the real revelation
That you are my soul, my heart, and my ever eternal inspiration

How can my heart be killed if not through cruel isolation
taking it out and burrying it, in the deepest foundation
Take away from it, the hope, the future and the simple expectation
What on earth will be left for it, in terms of any compensation

Loving you forever is my complete preoccupation
My spirit seeks yours for merging in total annihalation
I am posessive about you, like a martyr dying for his nation
How can such love be handled, when in continuous formulation.

samedi 18 décembre 2010

Palestinian-Israeli Peace : Painting by Numbers.


As someone whose interest in political matters has become cursory at best, I still wonder sometimes; in the manner of old habits dying hard, how the current Obama administration is still trying to put old wine in new bottles, or perhaps, new wine in old bottles.

For a start 1) The concept of bridging the gaps between the Palestinians and the Israelis is rediculous from the start. As the old adage goes " In peace time bridges get trampled upon, and in times of war; they get blown up". 2) The Obama administration must show bluntly; both the Palestinians and the Israelis, that the US strategic interests are not always one and the same as those of Israel, though the baggage of the last 50 years or so, shows otherwise. There are some pundits in the US whom keep trying to convey the mnessage that Israel may well be hurting the US strategic interests in the region, but the case up till now, shows a continuity in convergence of interests. 3) Regarding Jerusalem, the Obama administration should shift its vision of talking in terms of real estate; I mean the sub-prime crisis should call the point home (just joking), and make Israel understand that, the holy zone in the city, cannot be administred by one religious authority to the exclusion of others. The Wadi Araba Agreement stipulates so, and Israel must stick to the letter of this agreement.

4) The Obama administration wishes to involve the Arab world in trying to solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. One is positive that the majority of the Arab countries would want to be involved in reviving the possibilities of peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis, but at the same time, they would want to be sure about the levels of committment of the US to the peace process, and the viability of the plan of action; which till now still seems nebulous, even in the minds of the most optimistic Arabs. 5) President Obama needs the Arabs in his adminsitration's plans to pressurise Iran over its nuclear programme. As Wikileaks documents show, many of the Arabs are also sharing the Washington administration's concerns over the issue, at times even worse concerns. Here also, the Arab allies of the US are not sure of the level of American committment and its next move against Iran. They would not want naturally ; unless I am mistaken totally, to be left in the lurch against Iran if or when the US reaches a compromise with Tehran. I don't know if politcis is the art of the possible any longer, but in this department Mr. Netanyahu can play a great role if he just attempts to open his mind a little, to the notion of give and take. He started his life as a New York businessman, so the notion should come natural to him, yet he is acting like someone who is owning a farm. Mind you maybe he is becoming just another Middle East leader.

6) washington talks about democracy and democratisation in the Arab world, yet at the same time, it totally disregards the notion of Arab public opinion and prefers to have push-button decisions made at the top to be filtered down to the bottom of the political power pyramid in the Arab countries. And still there are Americans whom say, why do they hate us?. Sure American money is poured into many Arab countries, and plenty of political support is given to many others, but at the end of the day, for the Arab people, they only hear about wealth which they cannot relate to.

I know I have raised many issues which I think they are faulty. I haven't provided one iota of an attempted solution. Well, because I think the last time I attempted to talk about a solution, I ended up here in Paris as a consequence.

samedi 11 décembre 2010



Between heaven and hell, I have often strolled
In a life which in it, nothing was ever bold.
When the devil bargained, for my heart to be sold
Your love was revealed to me, and I was forward called

In all the fury of hell, I'd still be always cold
The only warmth I have, is in your hands which I hold
I have heard many words of wisdom, both new and old
As well as words of affection, praise, as well as scold

But I shall remain determined, to break the last mold
Even if my life unravels, and my end begins to unfold
In our hearts the Almighty, endless love he has doled
His loving words to us, are the last things to be told.

jeudi 2 décembre 2010



You pass once on life's way
Anyone wise will have that to say
Hoping for miracles you kneel and pray
Instead stretch your arms and grab the day

No matter how in your mind you sway
You're part of me and that's how you stay
If even you want to take my life away
Do it but keep my demons at bay

I accept all the laws you lay
if with my blood I have to pay
All the emotions so that you may
My heart you never ever betray.