mardi 7 juin 2011



Usually the average person in the streets all over the world, may well be a victim of his/her ignorance, and victims of their own passion for rhetoric. This is a defect in education which is not their fault, nevertheless its a defect.

There are moments which you great leader are tempted; taking advantage of this ignorance, to impose silence and enforce orthodoxy. Its up to you to resist this tempatation, which indeed should be resisted not only for the reason given; perhaps optimistically by Milton, that truth will always win over error in free and open encounter, but also because suppression is bad for the suppressor himself.

Well, I hope you can appreciate for a second, the fact that it is extremely hard to argue with a Roman master of 40 legions, no matter how sincerely a Hadrian or a Marcus Aurelius wanted to be discussed with freely and sincerely. At the same time, it was easy to expel Jurieu and Bayle from France, to repeal the Edict of Nantes, and then to discover far too late, that the Church of Bassuet and Fenelon, had left no heirs to answer Voltaire.

Therefore, you must not only suffer, those whom you call fools, gladly, but you must continue to suffer them even when they conspicuously stay fools. The imposition of a uniform orthodoxy and suppression, whatever immediately gratifying results may produce, they give no guarantee that, monopoly thus secured to one opinion, will be secured to wisdom.

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