lundi 20 juin 2011


BY Khairi Janbek.

Well my FB tribe, since kids are always supposed to be kids; but not in the Arab world probably, some local kids in Der3a, wrote some anti-state slogans on the walls. The almighty guradians and protectors of the Syrian people; the Mukhabart arrested those kids and in the old trusted tradition of their trade, put those kids to torture and threw them in prison cells.

Naturally, the fathers of the kids went to the Mukhabarat, and asked for the release of their kids. They even offered to repalace themselves for their kids. But of course the valiant guardians of the Syrian people, told them to forget about the existence of their kids, and to go back to their wives and produce other kids. But if they don't want to, they can bring their wives to the Mukhabarat, which will in turn provide the valinat service of giving their wives kids.

Arab leaders always want to bring in wolves to protect the sheep. Bashar Assad is no exception. But they always forget what I have warned about a while ago that " Sheep are carnivors; though they are herbivor everywhere".

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